Drilling Department

Our subsurface exploration equipment includes a wide variety of drill rigs, associated support vehicles, and experienced, qualified drilling personnel. All drilling personnel and equipment work directly out of our Chesapeake, Virginia location. We perform auger borings, water borings, swamp borings, standard penetration testing, vane shear testing, static cone penetrometer testing, undisturbed sampling, core drilling, piezometer installation, monitor well installation, slope indicator installation, and heave/settlement point installation.

In the local Tidewater area, drill rigs can normally be provided within a few days of the request. However, in emergencies, we have provided one or more drill rigs on site and in operation within a few hours of being requested.

Drilling Services Offered

Soil and Rock

  • Rotary Wash and Hollow Stem Auger
  • Standard Penetration Tests
  • Undisturbed Samples
  • Vane Shear Tests
  • Static Cone Penetrometer Tests
  • Environmental Samples
  • Rock Coring


  • Temporary and Permanent Well Installation
  • Direct Push Samples
  • Hydropunch

Other Services

  • Piezometer Installation
  • Inclinometer Installation
  • Monitor Well Development
  • Well Abandonment
  • Concrete Coring
Drilling Equipment

Truck Mounted Drill Rigs

  • CME-55 Drilling Rig on a Chevy Kodiak
  • CME-55 Drilling Rig on a Ford F-700

All Terrain Vehicle Drill Rigs

  • CME-45 Drilling Rig on an ATV “K”
  • CME-45 Drilling Rig on an ATV “Super L”

Barge Mounted Drill Rig

  • CME-45 Skid Drilling Platform on a Recently Purchased Barge Rig
  • Portable Tripod Drill Rig Direction Push Technology (DPT)
  • Earthprobe 200

Drilling Supervisor – Darrel Taylor