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Proudly Serving Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina

Construction Inspection and Testing Services Including Geotechnical Engineering, Concrete, Asphalt, and Soil Testing, and Environmental Services

 McCallum Testing Laboratories has provided comprehensive construction inspection and testing to a diverse range of clients in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina since the company was founded in 1928. Over the years, our construction inspection and testing services have expanded to include Field Inspection and Testing, Geotechnical Engineering, Drilling, Laboratory Testing (including in-house concrete, asphalt, and soil testing), and Environmental Consulting. Our woman-owned, SWaM Certified Small Business is a firm of Professional Engineers, Geologists, Environmentalists, and Technicians that explore, test, and analyze subsurface conditions to prepare foundation recommendations for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial structures including shopping complexes, individual homes, apartment buildings, subdivisions, warehouses, and much more. Whether you are an individual looking to build a new home or a developer preparing a subdivision or shopping center, contact our professionals today to discuss how we can help you determine if the land is suitable for your needs, and if so, what needs to be done to prepare a solid foundation.

Our decades of experience, wide range of services, and expansive variety of tools enable us to provide our clients with a customized approach often saving time and money. At McCallum Testing Laboratories, we take the time to thoroughly inspect the land on which you would like to build and make customized recommendations that provide you with the peace of mind your project will be built on a solid foundation.

Our goal is to provide a quick response to both normal and emergency construction projects. Our staff is trained in more than one discipline so that when one area is overloaded, individuals can be shifted to another project. In addition, our highest level professionals are accessible to the field personnel empowering our team to make recommendations in a timely manner. Due to the diversity of our field equipment, the size and efficiency of our in-house laboratory, and the extensive experience of our professional staff, McCallum Testing Laboratories can efficiently perform the construction inspection and testing services required by any project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you prepare a solid foundation for your next project.

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      We will do our best to accommodate your request but may contact you to discuss an alternate date and time. Technician rates are charged portal to portal with a 2 hour minimum. All work performed before 7:00 am and after 4:00 pm, over 8 hours per day, and on Saturdays will be charged at 1.5 times the standard hourly rate. All work performed on Sundays and Holidays will be charged at 2 times the standard hourly rate.


      "I have been using and recommending McCallum Testing Laboratories exclusively for more than 12 years for Phase I and II studies and environmental consulting.

      The reasons I use McCallum are simple: they always provide extremely prompt, knowledgeable, professional and courteous service at very fair and competitive pricing. Their great working relationship with DEQ enables them to get matters resolved quickly, without burdensome delays and added project costs. I am especially comfortable using McCallum because they have never tried to create additional work and revenue for themselves by recommending more testing or reports beyond what is absolutely necessary.”

      – Michael Myers, Senior Vice President, S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.


      “I have had the opportunity to work with McCallum Testing Laboratories on many projects over the last 23 years. I have found their professionals to be extremely technical, professional and excellent problem solvers.”

      – Gary Gilmore, President, PAPCO


      “Since the inception of The Franklin Johnston Group, McCallum Testing Laboratories has been an asset to our team and I have had the pleasure of working with them for over 15 years. Their unique expertise is a vital part of our due diligence process when determining a potential multifamily site. We rely on their wealth of knowledge and experience in the area to guide us along the way. Understanding our company’s goals, they provide us with essential tools necessary for a successful construction project. Over the years, I have worked with most of the team and have always experienced friendly and professional interactions. I have full confidence in each team member and know that with their support we can resolve any issue that may occur. We are happy that McCallum is a part of our organization as we look forward to growing with them in the future.”

      – Murray Kirk, Director of Design & Construction, The Franklin Johnston Group

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